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CurrencyFair.comCurrency Fair is for all those who feel that financial institutions are given them a downright hammering when they are exchanging currencies. Well, Currency Fair will let them have such operations carried out person-to-person, without anybody getting in the way and charging rates that are not on.


Here, people will be able to buy currency directly from each other, and at the best rate available – not the one that a bank imposes on them. People who use Currency Fair are enabled to place an order at a better exchange rate and wait to be matched off by another customer who happens to be exchanging on the opposite market.

It is not inaccurate, then, to think of Currency Fair as a kind of personalized marketplace in which users are empowered to change currencies in an intimate way, and in a way that is always beneficial to them.

Pounds, Euros, Dollars… all the currencies that you could think of are already supported. And you can sign up for the service at no cost, too, so if you want to know how everything really feels just create an account and immerse yourself on the site. In Their Own Words

CurrencyFair matches people who want to sell Pounds, Euros, Dollars or whatever with people who want to buy them.

Why It Might Be A Killer

By leaving middlemen out of the picture, the exchanges are sure to be fairer. They have to be.

Some Questions About

Who regulates these transactions?


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