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CommonCurriculum.comCommon Curriculum is a platform for K 12 educators. Essentially, through this site they will be able to create and sell their curricula.


Educators that go for this service are empowered to create a curriculum and have it hosted on the cloud. From there, it can be distributed and sold to those who are interested in buying it.

A platform like this one eliminates the costs that are associated with creating print curricula – something that only the big players in the market can handle comfortably. Up until now, small organizations had a difficult time trying to keep up with the standards set by those who had the resources to do things on a grand scale.

Common Curriculum offers a truly alternative sales channel. The publisher is enabled to create his curriculum on the spot – he just creates the lesson plan, uploads the videos and worksheets to go with it, and then it will go on sale for a price he is also determining himself. And curricula can be listed for free, too. In Their Own Words

Put curricula into educators hands.

Why It Might Be A Killer

It is a truly alternative marketplace for the selling of curricula, and one in which everybody is equal.

Some Questions About

Can open source curricula be used when creating your very own?


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