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Cameesa.comDo you have a fresh new idea for a t-shirt design? Do you want to profit from said design and share it with those also interested in something original? At Cameesa, you can do just that by submitting your design to the Cameesa team who then has to approve the design in order for it to appear on the website. Once approved, the artist enlists his/her friends to support the design online in $20 increments.


The t-shirt then has 31 days to receive 50 of these increments to reach the 100% guarantee that it will be sold on Cameesa. Finally, the artist can reap the benefits by receiving $500 and a free t-shirt along with a profit every time the shirt is sold online. But that’s not all; the supporters also receive a free t-shirt and profits from sales as well. And they get all of their money back if the design doesn’t get its full support. In Their Own Words

¨If you make designs or just love ’em, Cameesa is the place to find fresh clothes and earn some coin.¨

Why It Might Be A Killer

Cameesa is an excellent example of how different sectors can come together to form a creative community while still profiting financially simultaneously. Artists who otherwise would have trouble finding an outlet for their designs can now do just that and who better to support them but their friends and family? And the site itself is really cool and simple, making it very easy to understand how Cameesa functions. All Cameesa needs is a little bit of promotion to guarantee a hit.

Some Questions About

How can Cameesa publicize its launch to get more support and designs submitted? When will Cameesa finish uploading all of the pictures of their team? What does it mean when Cameesa denies a design due to bad taste?


Author : Caroline Bright

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