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If you love playing golf, then chances are you own some products that have been made by the Callaway Golf Company. Why? Because it is the largest manufacturer of golf equipment in the whole wide world. And if you have ever bought any of its items, then you are also the owner of a Callaway Golf gift card. And the next time you wonder how many points you still need to get before you can lay your hands on the prize of your dreams, then the one thing to do is to visit this site.


Simply put, is where you can check how near or far you are from these prizes you’d love to get. The site is as straightforward as it could be, as you just have to enter your card’s number for its full status to be displayed. You’ll get to know how many points you have accrued ever since you first got it. And also, how many points you’re left with after claiming any prize.

And if you find yourself in the position of having lots of points and just no idea what to exchange these for, then you can follow this link. It’ll let you get in touch with members of the company’s sales team. They’ll list all the products you could have one by one, and whenever they mention anything you like then you’ll be able to redeem your points and get it on the spot.

Two videos of equipment manufactured by Callaway, for those among you who are completely new to the game and who are still to decide which gear to buy:


Author : Caroline Bright

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