search cancel – Atlanta Postal Credit Union is a website that caters to the Atlanta Postal Credit Union. This financial establishment has been around for several years, and caters exclusively to the postal service workers and their families. This building is considered a private financial institution and does not allow just anyone to open an account. Unless there is proof of relation and/or proof of employment to the post office, individuals will be denied this particular benefit. This site has perks such as member services for consumers to check their balance and pay bills, news as far as interest rates are concerned, and savings plans for retirement funds. allows postal workers the ability to open an account online, instead of going to the building. This saves a lot of time and effort, as many people in the Atlanta region do not have a vehicle. The city is so crowded and full of public transportation, many feel that a vehicle is not needed. Instead of walking across town to a branch, this page lets the user add funds to his or her new account by transferring it from a different financial institution or credit card. also offers a section on the website that lets consumers know when they should start saving for their childrens future. College tuition continues to rise year after year. Eventually, the cost will level out and increase in slower increments. The leaps and bounds that these funds have seemed to make, though, have been extravagant and have left many parents scratching their heads as to how they will pay for it. Saving at – or before – birth is the way to go.

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Author : Steve Dixon

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