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Providing complete financial assistance, is an excellent resource for managing ones monetary resources. The website represents the Australia and New Zealand Banking Group Limited, and acts as a portal for customers to access many different services. ANZ bank users can log into their accounts and check their current statements, or manage their finances by shifting money between accounts and paying debts. If a customer has a smartphone, even allows them to log-in and do any necessary money management function by using the “ANZ gomoney” application. The website also offers easy and quick links to apply for credit cards, loans and other functions that might save a trip or two to the bank. For small business customers of the bank, offers a complete listing of tools and custom banking products designed to meet their needs.


For patrons looking for in depth financial information, has no shortage of useful tips and articles on a wide variety of finance related topics. For the lay person, offers articles on topics such as making the most of ones finances and how to manage a savings account or term deposit with day to day steps detailing important information. The site also includes a helpful question and answer section that addresses some problems that may be common among bank customers. Through the site, customers can also book an in person appointment to the nearest bank location and speak to a bank representative about a problem they’d like to resolve. If this isn’t convenient, the website also offers a simple online tool to let them call an available representative. With these tools and more, ANZ is committed to offering wrap around, high quality services to all of its customers.

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Author : Sebastian Thompson

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