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Representing the wireless tech company PCTEL, is an excellent resource for telemetry products and services. It offers a wide variety of high quality antennas from notable manufacturers such as Maxrad, Bluewave and Wisys. Some of the items featured include covert operation devices, tech that has been optimized for cellular offloading, and a weather proof periodic array antenna. The website also offers products that offer large scale solutions to industrial, commercial and government problems. These include antennas that monitor and meter city grid use of wireless internet, allowing companies and government agencies to manage wireless usage for large populations. The site offers many other diverse products, such as antennas that allow for precision farming techniques like optimized tractor paths and seed distribution. From individuals to conglomerates, can be an essential source for cutting edge technologies.


The website also collects information for consumers to research wireless technology, and to contact professionals and experts for solutions to networking problems. Those interested in the research side of wireless innovations can find information on local workshops and nation-wide conferences, at which top experts gather to discuss the most cutting edge developments in the field. Additionally, also features a collection of customer oriented articles, written by experts, on topics such as antenna safety and maintenance. There is also a news feed on the homepage, which headlines the latest popular press articles that are pertinent to wireless tech breakthroughs and political developments. Finally, offers space for consumers to contact and connect with experts in almost any area of telemetry.

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Author : Mery Fisher

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