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If you are in the amazing country in Italy and you need to search the classifieds then you should look on the website and see if you can locate what you want. The site is laid out simply and is in the Italian language but you can translate it on Google Translate to whatever language that you would like. The different categories include everything from animals and things that you need for your pets to services like needing a babysitter. You can find everything from cars and trucks to jobs and furniture. Make sure that you look at the entire website at so that you don’t miss anything that might be of interest to you.


At you can find a lot of ads as well for new products and services. Another great thing about this site is that if you would like to list something either a good or a service you can do it for free. Everyone is trying to save money these days. When you are selling something it is a nice way to get the money for it and if you are searching for a item it is great to be able to get a discount. Check out and find what you want at a price that you can afford. It is a great resource for everyone from buyers to sellers. When looking for something very specific you can just add it to the search bar and see if anything comes up, plus it can be a great way to search the site.

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