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Trashbank.comA visit to this site is the order of the day for those wishing to barter, swap, trade, buy or sell anything over the web. Trashbank stands as an online marketplace where people from different locations can convene together and engage into any of the abovementioned activities, and without having to pay any fees.


Registration to the site is also inexpensive, and it is accomplished in a very simple way too. You furnish personal particulars and profile information as well as choosing your portrait from the featured ones.

As far as navigating the site is concerned, a menu that touches upon the different categories on offer is prominently featured for you to focus your searches. These include “Clothing & Accessories”, “Computers”, “Electronics” and “Antiques”. In addition to that, featured items are spotlighted on the right-hand side of the main page.

To sum it up, Trashbank is a cost-free service that is there to ensure online bartering and transactions are duly carried to completion. Follow the link that is featured below should you need further information. In Their Own Words

“Trashbank is an online website where you can sell your items or services or barter, swap, and trade your items or services with other people. You can get far more value from the items you are willing to trade by exchanging it with other people’s items that are of more value to you.”

Why It Might Be A Killer

It is an online trading resource that covers a lot of ground and categories.

Some Questions About

What kind of items can and can’t be traded at the site?


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