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AuctionsForBusiness.comThis website stands as a new auctions marketplace. Its defining feature is that it is aimed at business owners – that is, it is a B2B marketplace.


The site makes it possible for users to auction not only their wholesale, liquidation and surplus products, but also to outsource any project that they are working on and find professional freelancers to carry them to completion.

Of course, this means that freelancers are able to create a portfolio of their own in order to become findable, and to highlight their best attributes in a clear way. Likewise, freelancers are capable of bidding on posted projects themselves and have a proactive role when it comes to looking for new employment opportunities.

In final place, it must be mentioned that the website enable business owners and business brokers to auction their established businesses and web sites. That is a very nice additional feature, and one that rounds an already comprehensive service more than satisfactorily enough. Personally, I think that the site has what it takes for fighting for the spot where entrepreneurs and business-related people can identify emerging ventures, bid on new products and buy the services they might need to succeed. Give it a try for yourself and see if you agree. In Their Own Words

“Auctions for Business is a B2B platform developed to allow professionals buy, sell and auction their overstocked, liquidation and surplus products and second hand business systems. Businesses can post their freelance projects, RFPs and employment opportunities to register freelancers to bid on them. Business owners, Entrepreneurs and Business brokers can auction their businesses and established web sites.”

Why It Might Be A Killer

The ability to integrate product auctions, project auctions and businesses auctions together makes it the perfect place for any business related person and entrepreneur who wants to forge ahead.

Some Questions About

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