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Share on:’s something for web developers out there: MOOdalBox. MOOdalBox is what’s known in developing parlance as a modal box or a modal window or modal dialog.

These modal windows are used to display information which a user must interact with, either by closing the window, or filling in the appropriate info; they are frequently seen with Windows operating systems. MOOdalBox was built on Ajax and follows the Web 2.0 tenets of being slick and infinitely practical. It can be used for displaying extra help modules, more options, registration forms, surveys, whatever. The elegance of MOOdalBoxes lies in their ability to bypass popup blockers. Of course no one wants popups, however they are, probably half the time useful and even necessary. MOOdal 1.2.1 is currently available for download. You’ll need to have at least Mootools 1.0 on your computer for it to operate. In Their Own Words

“MOOdalBox: A modal box (inline popup), used to display remote content loaded using AJAX, web 2.0 style, written for the mootools framework.

It can be used to display some help document, an extra options page, a registration form, etc. It eliminates the need of classic popup windows, that may get blocked by popup blockers.

It’s originally based on the excellent code behind Slimbox, so it inherits most of it’s qualities / functionality. Compressed, it’s only 4.2 Kb (about 25 Kb, including images, CSS and a light version of mootools 1.0).”

Why It Might Be A Killer

MOOdalBox gives programmers another option for dialog windows; these won’t be blocked by pop up blockers. It’s also light weight at only 4.2 Kb. Input is contained so as not to confuse end users.

Some Questions About

Does this really add anything to existing developing tools? Is it novel? Will users adopt it? Is there even a business model, provided it does become popular?

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