How to submit? – Hooking Up Bands and Drummers

DrummerHunter.comPutting together a band? Not an easy task. The dynamics need to be just right.

Guitarists are easy enough, singers too, but finding the right drummer? That requires some finesse. You need someone that knows your tastes, that shares your vision. Finding the perfect drummer is like finding your soul mate, your ideal date. Thus we have DrummerHunter which implements the online dating framework and employs it for drummers. Drummers can create profiles loaded with music mp3’s, videos, photos, links and all their preferences: what they like to drink, their type of party scene, random stuff, favorite bands, availability and what it is they’re looking for—long walks on the beach, dining out, the movies—but seriously, you get the drift. Band profiles, though not as highly promoted as those of drummers’ are posted as well so stray drummers can sift through the pickings and perhaps pull off a blissful marriage. In Their Own Words

“Drummers need bands…bands need drummers..the hunt starts here”

Why It Might Be A Killer

DrummerHunter while still in its infancy works. If it sticks to its simple match making goal, it could prove to be a quite useful network for bands in need of drummers and vice versa. Drummers are after all the icing on the cake, they’re in demand and here’s a way they can show off their goods.

Some Questions About

Although it just launched, there’s really barely any profiles on site. Hopefully, things will pick up speed from now on. DrummerHunter is simple in compared to other band mate matching services—will this be a hindrance. Is there some better way to implement this via content creation tools and social networks?

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