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DreamFace-Interactive.comDreamFaceInteractive has jumped into the 2.0 do-it-yourself app making market.

Like Zoho and Dabble, the site is mainly catering to business men, and enterprises, lowering the barriers and allowing these non-progammers to construct their own widgets and apps (mashups, startpages, SOA) when they need them. What they offer: dual licensed products i.e. the open source Community Edition, and the commercially licensed Enterprise Edition. The former is a free, downloadable version of DreamFace which has all the features with no restrictions. The Enterprise Edition includes features for securing the highest levels of security, reliability and uptime. Both offer WebChannels, a user-friendly dashboard to manage both personal info and tools, a widget platform, a personalization engine, WYSIWYG screen and workflow designers, and customization options galore. In Their Own Words

“Dreamface Interactive provides a revolutionary new way for web-savvy business people to create Web 2.0 Applications that give users a personalized experience. DreamFace Interactive’s unique and innovative concept promotes the do-IT-yourself approach to Web 2.0 applications and encourages and empowers users to play an active role in defining, creating and publishing Dynamic Web Applications. DreamFace fosters a new generation of intuitive, interactive applications leveraging both the Internet and corporate intranets.”

Why It Might Be A Killer

DreamFaceInteractive works on two levels, it’s easy and straightforward enough to be used by common users and it’s also highly flexible and configurable for enterprises. The design and execution have been implemented with the consumer in mind, so users will be comfortable trying it out. They support open source standards which are current, transparent and clear. Also, they’ve got lots of features which can be used for free.

Some Questions About

Will users be able to wrangle around the new terminology and features, and be able to create something useful and purposeful? How user-friendly is it really? Will companies rather go with professionally crafted apps?

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