How to submit? – Freeing Your Media Once and For All

DoubleTwist.comDoubleTwist liberates your media. Case in point: you’ve downloaded a song from iTunes onto your handy but somewhat miserly Nokia, and there it remains locked on the phone, meaning you cannot pull it on to your desktop or load it into your Treo.

Using DoubleTwist any song, photo, or video file can be synced and shared between a bevy of devices and social networks. The idea being, that no matter where the file was originally created or stored, it should all work as one, without a hitch. The downloadable client transforms media into a standard that can be shared with ease amongst friends, regardless of the medium be it your PSP, Treo, or Cybershot phone. Although, DoubleTwist doesn’t support Macs, users can easily drag and drop files into their friends’ profiles on Facebook, thus creating a continuum between desktop, the web and media devices. DoubleTwist is free, although premium features will be added later on. In Their Own Words

“doubleTwist desktop enables you to easily share media with friends and sync with popular devices.

Our mission is to enable consumers to enjoy their digital media on the widest possible range of devices and help them share what they’ve created with friends. Our flagship product, doubleTwist desktop, is a free application for sharing, enjoying and syncing personal media.”

Why It Might Be A Killer

Media should be as easy to share as email. DoubleTwist moves towards a media agnostic world in which content is standardized in such a way that it can be easily shared amongst devices regardless of formats or manufacture. It’s an incredibly sound idea which will sooner or later become a standard itself.

Some Questions About

The logistics of this especially at this point in time are precarious. This project requires a lot of development and work. How will it be integrated and distributed in a viable manner?

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