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Dogomania.comThis website features countless amounts of information on everything that has to do with dogs. The navigation key allows you to search by type of article (news, feeding, breeding, upbringing, veterinary and much more) or by dog breed (beagle, Dalmatian, dingo, Doberman, all kinds of terriers, sheltie, and many more).

By registering to, you also get the chance to share your thoughts, ideas and pictures about your dogs, or even give some advice on dog training, nutrition, upbringing or something you have good knowledge about. Browsing the Forums section I found one topic that may be worth looking at: Dogs In Need, featuring dog rescue and dog adoption information, services, and discussions; volunteer information and animals in shelters in need. You might as well end up adopting a puppy if you browse through the whole site. Don’t forget to check out the photo gallery which features some beautiful breeds from all around the world!

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