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Doddling.comTo put it in simple words, through this website you will be able to add a SIP phone to your iGoogle homepage and make calls from there. Moreover, it is possible to embed a gadget on your blog or website and enable visitors to telephone through it.

This can be done in two different ways – by following the provided link to the Google Gadget Directory and copying and pasting the code, or by visiting the Google Modules Directory and clicking on the green link (“Add site”).

In order to make a call once the SIP phone has been embedded, all that has to be complied with is choosing the VoIP provider, enter you SIP account settings and dial your number.

If the concept of SIP telephony is new to you, such a solution might seem a bit daunting or too technical to get acquainted with, but the site thankfully includes an ample FAQ and a forum where queries are addressed one by one. Moreover, useful links as regards VoIP services are included for you to have a better overall understanding, and making up your mind about the viability of such a service as far as you and your site are concerned. In Their Own Words

“Free Online SIP softphone. Now you get a SIP telephone wherever you go!”

Why It Might Be A Killer

It can be used to give any site or blog a touch of class and finesse.

Some Questions About

When was the concept of SIP telephony first concocted?

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