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Do You Know What Your Customer Is Thinking?

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Do you know what your customer is thinking? Do you know what she loves about your site or product and what she really kind of hates? Do you know why she left that item in the shopping cart or which part of your content she’s drawn to first?


If you answered no to any of those questions, then it’s time to step up your customer feedback game. Knowing what your customer is thinking is the key to success to your startup and it’s time you got a good system in place to do that.


One option you may want to consider checking out is Feedback Lite, a new website customer feedback tool. Feedback Lite is packed full of features that make receiving and responding to customer feedback a breeze.




Feedback Lite includes, for example: 10 options for the screen position of your feedback tab; advanced analytics and reporting, including Google Analytics; automatic feedback campaigns; a “Contact Us” form; customization of color, types of feedback tabs, form formats, and form sizes; and a “Subscribe form.”




The process of getting started is simple. Once you start your free 14-day trial, they’ll help you build a widget, get it installed, and you’re good to start monitoring as many feedback campaigns as you like  on as many websites as you like  straight from your Feedback Lite Dashboard.




Unlike brick and mortar stores, startup founders can’t just ask their customers face-to-face what they’re thinking or where they could improve. Tools like Feedback Lite take the place of those in-person interactions to provide much needed information that can only help your startup grow in the right direction.


Once your free trial is up, Feedback Lite has a competitive pricing tiered system that starts at $29 per month and tops out at $99 per month. When you consider how valuable good customer feedback truly is, no matter where you fall on the price scale it’s a deal.


So, let me ask you again: Are you sure you know what your customer is thinking?




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