How to submit? – Top Website Design Showcase

DesignFest.euDesignFest is a website that showcases the best designed sites on the web and allows users to vote on which ones are their favorites. Approximately 75 sites can currently be found at DesignFest and each one is displayed in a small thumbnail view which can be clicked on to reveal in-depth user comments about the page.

Voting is also incorporated and the most voted sites are displayed in the “Top 10” category, although unfortunately, sites on the homepage are not displayed according to the number of votes they have received. Users are encouraged to submit sites that they deem to be of an exceptional nature thereby adding to this every-growing website showcase. In Their Own Words

“DesignFest is a css-positive website showcase gallery. Get an inspiration watching other’s website designs and feel free to submit yours!”

Why It Might Be A Killer

If they are able to encourage more user submissions then this could become an important referencing site for web-designers looking for tips and current trends in the design world.

Some Questions About

Have they considered making a few modifications so that the site that receives the most votes appears first on the homepage?

Vote on recent startup submissions:

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