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Designer Plumbing

Online store that sells faucets, sinks, toilets, vanities, whirlpool tubs, air tubs, & anything plumbing related..

Why Designer Plumbing It Might Be A Killer is owned by a Master Plumber and we Only hire customer service representatives with Plumbing Industry Experience.
We do not sell cds, dvds, steaks, lawn furniture, etc… We sell Only plumbing related items. DPO customers do not need to make an appointment with a showroom, which often
can be snooty and expensive, or join a membership club, or walk through the understaffed warehouse stores to get help. We have a live chat function on our web site so you can
click to speak to a real expert, not just an order taker. Read our Reviews on Yahoo and then be assured you will get the same 5 star service.

Many sites are owned by internet experts but there are very few owned by plumbing experts. Knowledge about Plumbing is the biggest reason we are successful.

Remember Owned and Staffed by Plumbing Experts. Easy Access to our site at: or

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