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The Dell Deals Part Two: Acquiring With Great Clerity

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When the dust has settled on Dell’s recent tornado shopping spree in the mall of comp tech companies (see Part One for the story of their most recent major purchase), the hope is that our good friend Dell will be able to offer us services with more Clerity.


The recent acquisition of Clerity Solutions, a leading global provider of applications modernization, mainframe migration and optimization solutions is a major step towards Dell’s services capabilities expansion over the past three years.



If that last paragraph was a bit daunting to understand, I’ve deciphered the code behind Clerity so we can see the reasoning behind Dell’s new nuptials.


Clarifying Clerity

Brandon E. Edenfield and Jason Kreitzer founded the Chicago-based software company in 1994, and has since become one of the most unique re-hosting solutions for legacy computing systems migration in the world.



What exactly is legacy migration? Companies have huge investments in their core applications and procedures and are cautious to move into modern systems for fear of major costs, time and disruption to current functionality. Clerity recognizes these fears, and over the past 20 years has created solutions to ease a company’s outmoded mind.


Here’s how Clerity Works:

  • It provides low risk and high value tools, technology and services (UniKix mainframe re-hosting software)
  • This reduces IT costs and preserves currently functionality and service level agreements



This pretty sweet software has captured the attention of some of the world’s largest financial services, ISVs and Fortune-class end users, and has now become Dell’s newest services and solutions partner.


Wedding Bells for Clerity and Dell

Clearly, Clerity is attractive, smart, modern and successful. She’s an absolute catch. So, it was no wonder that Dell realized that they were a match made in tech heaven, sparing no expense on their wedding (i.e. undisclosed amount), and solidifying their customer solutions commitment.



So, how does this power couple plan on joining forces to solve our company’s modernization, migration and optimization needs?


First, let’s look at Dell’s recent growth interest. We know that Dell aims to provide customers with innovative technology and services that give them the “power to do more.”  And, in the past three years, Dell has acquired technology that helps grow their services capabilities so customers can manage IT complexities. These include:


  • Supporting massive volumes of data
  • Streamlining processes
  • Ease the transition to cloud-based applications


Good thing for Dell, Clerity is a modernization and migration minx.


President of Dell Services, Steve Schuckenbrock believes this marriage will enable Dell to implement optimal platforms for their applications and enable super-scale cloud environments, and he is thrilled to welcome Clerity to the family.



Brandon Edenfield is equally as optimistic. He says this matrimony will provide tremendous growth opportunity for Clerity’s core applications and solutions, and rapidly expand their global reach.


I’m sure Clerity is happy to be moving into the Dell Palace and to help look after our all-grown-up Baby Wyse (see Part One for explanation). This is shaping up to be a seriously customer-solutions inspired household.


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