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If You’ve Got A Burning Question, The World Has Your Answer With Deciderr

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I’m at a stage in life where I’m going to be making some serious decisions that can and will change the course of my life. That sounds dramatic, and it is, that’s why I’m having weekly panic attacks just thinking about trying to make these decisions. Everyone has to make decisions all day, everyday. Some are life-changing, others are frivolous, but most of us would love some guidance to make our decisions easier. That’s where Deciderr comes in.





Let the World Decide

Deciderr is the world’s Q&A app. Everyday we’re making hundreds of decisions, and a lot of those decisions require a second opinion. Deciderr is taking the connectivity of social media and the desire of people to get answers to their daily questions to create an app with a rapid response network of question answering and asking people so we get the decision-making help we so desire.





How it Works

Using the Deciderr questions and answers app is as easy as 1-2-3:


  1. Ask your burning question – Can’t decide what shoes to buy? Or, maybe you’re wondering if you should move to LA. Ask Deciderr users who are following you (or, any user in the world) and get their opinion. Your questions are public by default, so don’t ask any questions you don’t want everyone to see!
  2. Give your feedback – Your questions are then reviewed and rated by other users so you can see how it fared with the Deciderr community. Who knows? You may have just asked the best question of the day!
  3. Check your responses – The app counts all the “yeses” and “nos” to your questions so you can see what other users think.


Deciderr Inspiration

The inspiration for the app comes from a group of savvy Panamanian friends who wanted to build an app that helped to ease our decision-making worries. So, they created Deciderr, the first ever Social Decision Network with a simple yes/no feedback platform.The idea is to take Q&A to a whole new level and help us get answers to life’s unanswered questions (or at least help with what shirt to buy!)





Check it out

So, all you folks with lots of questions you need answers to, check out Deciderr and join the decision-making revolution. You can download it now at the app store. And, don’t worry Droid users, the app will be out on Google Play very soon.





You ask, the world decides.


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