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us is a new app that plays out a very concise role, namely wiping your Facebook and Twitter profiles clean. The reasoning behind this service is as follows: social accounts get invariably packed with posts and tweets over time, and sometimes the information that is displayed is not something you would like your new friends or even your boss to see. If you were to delete each item manually it would take up far too much time, and that is aggravated by the fact that Facebook and Twitter do not allow you to delete them all with a single click.


us aims to address such a shortcoming by cleansing either your Facebook or Twitter account, and letting you ensure that information you don’t want displayed there will be kept out of the picture.

This service is provided at a set cost. Now, the big question: do you think that cost is a good deal when compared to the time it takes to delete the posts and tweets on you own, or would you rather take some time and delete only the truly relevant items? In Their Own Words

“Finally, a way to clean your wall!

Ok. You wanna delete all your tweets? But you can not because you have hundreds, even thousands of them. And the company will only allow you to delete them one at a time?

Now you can delete all your history, wipe the slate clean and keep your account, followers and friends. For just $1.99, we will wipe your Twitter history. Sign in with Twitter and get started.

Aha… so you wanna delete all the items on your Facebook Wall as well? For just $4.99, we will wipe your Facebook wall, brand spanking new! Simply Ask Us and get a clean slate.”

Why It Might Be A Killer

It is a good way to deal with information overload when it comes to the social web.

Some Questions About

What kind of control can you exert over the whole process once it is set into motion?

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