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Dataopedia.comA web service that has premiered today, Dataopedia stands as your one-stop for finding all the facts about every domain on the WWW. This includes data such as traffic and actual Alexa standing, alongside information such as the name of the current CEO and the first investors. Whenever applicable, you will also be presented with the principal subdomains.

In addition to that, the search results include multimedia contents that bring an effective sense of immediacy. For instance, when looking up “” I came across a video spotlighting what is like to work at the corporate headquarters.

From a technical viewpoint, Dataopedia is a mashup that collects its data from a wealth of sources and presents it to the user as it was described above. It is important to mention that this data can be accessed and perused not only through the website, but also via your mobile device and using embeddable widgets. Furthermore, webmasters have the option of using a badge that will give visitors an instant appreciation of their websites, and highlight the way they have evolved over time.

The implementation of this service is also quite straightforward, as you provide the name of the domain in question and all the information is readily accessible on the spot. Registration is not mandatory to begin with, but doing so is advisable for added convenience. For instance, registered users can customize the way the information is presented, and modify the layout of the page.

As a conclusion, a visit to Dataopedia is certain to make for a more realized web experience, by quickly letting you figure out the place every domain occupies. This service is also provided at no cost, and if you couple that with the reliability of the provided information, it is fair to say that Dataopedia will have all your needs covered.

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“Launched in December 2008, is a web service that provides the most comprehensive information about websites available on the Internet.

Gathering together data from more than 50 sources, is an aggregation web service that lets its users find out all the valuable facts about any website, such as traffic, online buzz, contact information, popularity in social bookmarking services…in short, all the essential facts about every website you can come across on the internet. has been conceived as the one-stop-resource for finding website facts, and the service can be accessed via the website, the mobile site, embeddable widgets for your website, and browser add-ons.”

Why It Might Be A Killer

It enables anybody to quickly find out website information of every type in a reliable and inexpensive fashion.

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