DataCracker: A Game Changer In Survey Analysis

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Whether your are collecting data in hopes of getting a better sense of your clients’ needs, or looking for a way to augment an investment proposal, chances are you are going to be looking at piles of survey information, and will need to come up with a way of processing and sharing this newfound wealth of information (Fun right?)


While some people try to get by with the analysis options that come with the data collection software they are using, most find that some external help is needed when creating a final analysis that is easy to understand and share.

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The good news is that there are multiple online tools that collect data in the form of surveys (like SurveyMonkey and SurveyGizmo). Many of these tools offer impressive services both in terms of reach and price. The bad news is that, while these sites provide a means for gathering information, they kind of leave you on your own when it comes to processing it all and making sense of it.


Leveling The Playing Field

Built on the idea of “democratizing data analysis” DataCracker has been developed with a single mission: to provide the public with an affordable web-based survey analysis tool that helps people find and share the insights from their surveys.


DataCracker‘s programming allows users to utilize a pretty impressive set of advanced data analysis and statistical testing tools (including predicative modeling). Users can produce reports that not only look nice, but which also convey the kind of nuanced information needed to keep pace with the competition. Their interface uses HTML5 technology, which makes it compatible with most web browsers, and makes getting work done a little easier (not to mention more flexible for when you take work home from the office).


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Easy Import

Keeping with this idea of flexibility, DataCracker also allows users to input survey data from a pretty comprehensive list of sources (like QuestionPro, SnapSurveys, and even Excel). DataCracker then automatically processes and analyzes the data based on the user’s needs and preferences.


People seem to respond well to word clouds, which at the very least provide an alternative to inspirational posters by serving as some killer wall art for your office, (unless you like the whole guidance counselor vibe). DataCracker goes beyond word clouds though, and helps users to generate reports that deliver specific information by allowing them to fine tune reports by merging data sets and giving you tips for highlighting specific trends or statistics.


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Sharing Is Caring

The site then allows you to share your findings as a PDF file, PowerPoint, or webpage. It also has a feature which points out how the questions in your survey relate to one another, which can give you some serious credibility when discussing your survey design and results with uptight skeptics.


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This flexibility continues with their pricing options. DataCracker’s pricing starts from a free option (for a trimmed down set of analysis tools and report formats) to $65 a month for a package that offers all the bells and whistles (like the more advanced features which offer predictive modeling and latent class analysis).


Contrary to what your trigonometry teacher told you, statistics cannot in fact speak for themselves. Gain valuable insights into your survey results and let DataCracker help bring your data to life with more interesting and effective reports.


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