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E-Gifting Is The Next Big Thing

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It was my neighbor’s birthday a couple of days ago. We’re not good friends or anything, but we’re close enough to say hi and he stops over to borrow things or have a quick chat every once in awhile. When I saw all of his friends celebrating in our shared yard, I looked around my house and grabbed two ripe, delicious clementines and presented them to him as a birthday present.


That’s an example of what happens when you leave gift-giving to the last minute, at least when we’re talking about people that we physically see in our daily life. While clementines are nothing special, the thought behind it was genuine and my neighbor fully appreciated it.




That’s one of the reason we give gifts, right? There’s nothing like that look of surprise and happiness when someone realizes that you’ve thought of them, even if the gesture is a relatively small one.


However, we don’t always get to see that look when the person we’re sending a gift to is far away. So many of us now live far from those we love and care about, a fact that makes gifting way more difficult, but that doesn’t mean it’s any less worthwhile.


That’s where e-gifting sites like CyberGifts come in. Founded by a team of Russian developers based out of Moscow, CyberGifts is aiming to be your go-to site for e-gifting all things digital.




“Even my grandma has a mobile device.”

That’s what co-founder Alex Soloyev pointed out in our recent conversation about why he and co-founders Yegor Ivanstov and Paul Bocharov created CyberGifts. The ubiquity of social networks and digital devices means that more and more of our time is spent online, so these guys are creating a place that solves two problems: sending gifts to someone who’s not in your immediate vicinity and providing products for our phones, tablets, and computers.


There site offers music, books, apps, and a whole range of other digital products that you can filter based on people’s interests or lifestyle.






Digital gift vs. gift card

I know you’ve all noticed the gift card options popping up on Facebook and Skype and a million other sites lately, right? Alex and Yegor point out that, while it’s all well and good to give someone a gift card, you’re kind of putting a monetary value on what you think of them and your friendship.


On the flipside, only a real douchebag looks at a gift and immediately calculates how much it cost you. Let’s just assume that your friends and family aren’t douchebags, though, and would appreciate an actual product, even if you can’t give them a physical gift.


While we’ve all been buying our own stuff online for ages now (who can even remember life before Amazon?), digital gifting is a new frontier that’s just waiting for some intrepid pioneer to conquer it. CyberGifts definitely has a jumpstart on a market that I think will undoubtedly explode in the next couple of years.


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