Error-Free Dispatching: How Field Service Management Software Elevates Customer Service

Efficient dispatching is key to improving field service delivery. By ensuring the right field service technician is assigned to the right job – it is possible to increase first-time fix rates. But, achieving such efficiency is tough with manual scheduling and dispatching methods.

Increased work order volumes increase the chances of dispatching errors — further hindering customer service and brand reputation. The software helps remove this complexity by intelligently managing dispatching operations – read more to learn how.

Field service management software for dispatching

Field service management software helps automate manual tasks and optimize workflows involved in servicing a customer for field jobs. Typical use cases include complete customer management, work order management, invoicing, estimation, and much more.

This also includes managing scheduling and dispatching operations by handling jobs, tracking progress, and updating changes that may take place in the work orders.

Features your field service management software should have to improve resource allocation efficiency

While choosing a vendor for dispatch software, make sure it includes the scheduling and dispatching features:

  1. Automated dispatching: based on workers’ skills, experience, customer reviews, location, or availability, the software should automatically assign jobs to relevant workers.
  2. Easy calendar reschedule: schedule changes are common, and your software should have a simple process to reschedule jobs. The software should be able to automatically reschedule when triggered, or else a drag and drop calendar interface makes it easy to manually reschedule if required.
  3. Dashboard access: the software should include a dashboard to gain visibility on dispatch schedules.
  4. Track travel time: determine ETA to reach job sites and optimize the routes based on real-time GPS data.
  5. Document proof of work: the software should be able to capture images of delivery, work completed, share job progress, or instruct field service teams remotely.

How field service management software enables efficient scheduling and dispatching

Intelligent resource allocation

Field service management software helps manage both inventory and workforce as per job requirements. It will analyze the available field service technicians and match them with relevant jobs. It will also allocate required equipment, tools, and materials to perform the job – and stock it based on demand.

A field service management software thus helps reduce bench time for field service technicians and inventory stock.

Managing worker upskilling

Sometimes, a newly joined field service technician may have to be upskilled on certain tasks. A manager may want to allocate them to a real job to test and practice their learned skills. Dispatch software helps navigate allocating such jobs, and also makes relevant resources accessible. This includes the ability for supervisors to remotely monitor the work.

If your business provides certifications, it can create test jobs for training by allowing managers, supervisors, and customers to review the work.

Real-time communication

It is essential to communicate job changes in real-time to reduce the damages caused by sudden changes in plans. For example, a customer may cancel or reschedule their appointment. If a field service technician is on the way, they need to be informed immediately so that they can work on another available job. Dispatch software also helps communicate with customers by sharing regular job updates like field service technician estimated time of arrival (ETA).

Analyze field service technician performance

Field service management software helps track worker productivity and performance. This includes first-time fix rates, customer feedback, resource utilization, time taken to complete a job, etc. Also, this helps project managers or supervisors to design incentive schemes that help workers improve their service delivery.

Dynamic routing using GPS technology

Zuper, a field service management software, provides advanced GPS technology to help you track field service technician movements. The software guides them to correct routes that have less traffic or assigns them jobs together such that they are nearby. This helps improve response time, saves fuel costs, and improves worker productivity.

Improve scheduling and dispatching operations with field service management software 

With efficient scheduling, it is possible to improve service delivery and customer experience significantly. By investing in field service management software you improve dispatching operations, thus enabling workers and customers with better tools — book a demo today to know how this will work for your field service business.