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Curicon.comWhat fun is a collection if you can’t brag about it? What good is having a limited Japanese edition of Akira if nobody knows you’re the only person in town who’s got it? Half the pleasure comes from that, from knowing that other people’s collections are missing these items you have and treasure. And people can only know as much if you share that information with them. And you won’t find a site much better than this one to do that.

Curicon is a social network for collectors. You can create a free account and upload all your collection in a jiffy. Others will then be able to browse through all the items that make it up, and tell you what they think about your most treasured items by commenting on them. Comics, manga, vinyl figures, baseball cards… anything that people are known to collect can be shared on this site.

And if Curicon’s creators have their way, bought and sold. From what is said on the site, they aim to implement a marketplace. So, seeing something you like and getting your hands on it will almost become the same thing. Until that day comes, you can sign up for an account and start browsing the site’s ever-growing database of collectibles. In Their Own Words

The home of the collector, geek & pop culture fanatic.

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If all goes well, when will you be able to buy and sell items on the site?

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