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The Greatest Thing Since Sliced Bread Is Still Bread

Pizza, cookies, scones, muffins, biscuits and gravy, cupcakes, bread, homemade pasta: a list of foods that threatens to short circuit the brain with hunger and happiness neurons firing.


Unless of course you have Celiac Disease. In this case, you’ve probably grown accustomed to living without all of these items and the list sparks inconsolable sadness – or it caused you to stop reading before getting past that cheesy-doughy, wonderful syllable “za.”


Preheat The Oven

Let’s hope that isn’t the case, because Cup4Cup is a company that will change your diet and life for the happier. Cup4Cup is a culinary startup that sells gluten-free flours, which substitute for their glutenous counterparts, as you might imagine, cup for cup.






Before a cynical, “sure, but what does it taste like?” can snap off your tongue, you should know that Cup4Cup came to exist in one of the greatest kitchens in the world, the French Laundry in Yountville, CA. Chef Lena Kwak made a patron cry with her recipe for gluten-free brioche, offering the diner her first taste of bread in 7 years. After that emotional breakthrough, and more experimenting with the legendary Thomas Keller, Cup4Cup was refined and brought to market.


Flour Power

You won’t know that gluten is missing, so Cup4Cup is a flour for everyone.






If despair didn’t drive you to burn all those heirloom recipes, you can resume making all of your favorite, traditional baked goods without missing a beat, replacing one cup of ordinary flour with one cup of Cup4Cup. In terms of taste, texture, and performance in the kitchen, you won’t know the difference (recipes that call for yeast will require some adjusting, but are still doable).


Cup4Cup sells it’s original flour blend, intended as a stand in for all-purpose flour, as well as a wholesome flour blend (much like whole wheat), a pizza crust mix, pancake & waffle mix, and brownie mix. Most of us can’t imagine life without treasures like pasta and cookies cooking in our ovens and stovetops, filling our homes with pleasant aromas and our stomachs with joy. Now, all those who suffer from celiac disease, a non-celiac gluten sensitivity, possibly even wheat allergy, can rediscover baked pleasures.


Piece of Cake

As more and more people recognize the gluten protein as the source of their health woes, it’s easy to grasp the awesome demand there will undoubtedly be for these products. Ingenious is a word that is thrown around rather nonchalantly, but a line of gluten-free flours – solving an enormous dietary problem (for restaurants, vendors, shop owners, and especially consumers) – rightly earns the description.


Find these amazing flours, and all the other places where you can buy them, at Who knows, we may even realize the dream of world peace now that those who can and can’t eat gluten can join one another at the table comfortably again. When pizza can be shared by all, anything is possible.


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