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CreepSquash.comFacebook is not really the kind of place to let your children roam freely, but as a contemporary father you just have to end up letting them create an account there to interact with all their friends who are already social network users. But that doesn’t mean you are not going to keep a good watch on what they are doing once they have their own accounts up and running. There are applications that let parents discreetly monitor all that their children do on Facebook. And this is one of these.

Named CreepSquash, it can take care of delivering email alerts to parents when their children befriend new people, and also of highlighting communications that include inappropriate language. Additionally, CreepSquash can take care of notifying them whenever their children have been tagged on a photograph.

And CreepSquash can do something really interesting, which is determining which users are really genuine by looking at how many photos they have been tagged in. Those who have actually been tagged in images by others have what is termed a social proof quotient that goes into (somehow) ensuring who they are. In Their Own Words

Parental Facebook Monitoring.

Why It Might Be A Killer

It should give parents all the assurance they need for letting their children sign up for a Facebook account.

Some Questions About

Can more than one account be monitored at once?

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