So You Think You Can Create Your Own Ringtone? Try Your Hand At

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When I first got a cellphone in high school, I used to LOVE downloading ringtones. Whatever the hottest tune on the radio was, boom, that was my tone. Now, I just use the standard ringtones on my phone because, well, I’m lazy, and also Windchimer on my HTC is amazing (gasp! She doesn’t have an iPhone?! No, and I’m perfectly happy, thank you). But, some of you still like to personalize or create your own ringtone, and why not? It’s the sound you have to hear many times a day. For those crafty ringtone lovers, there’s


Ringtone Hit Factory

The site is pretty easy to use and straightforward. Here’s the three simple steps to create your own ringtone:





  1. Upload your own original song files from your computer or use a URL from YouTube – I used the first URL up on my computer, which happened to be CeCe Peniston’s Finally. You can’t tell me you don’t love that song.
  2. Crop the 30 seconds of the song you want to use
  3. Send the song to your cell phone or iPhone (basically, your simpleton phone or your smartphone)


Viola! You now have a custom-made ringtone to enjoy and share with your friends. But what about those of us who want a unique ringtone without having to actually do any work?


Download From Others

There are literally hundreds of ringtones other hit-makers have created for our downloading and listening pleasure. You can choose alphabetically, by genre, today’s trends, monthly trends or last added ringtones. I spent a good 30 minutes going through the ringtones on the site, and I think my favorite is Dipi Di… it’s very, very annoying, but it manages to make me laugh in the beginning. Not sure if I’ll download it though.





Once you find the perfect ringtone, you can download it straight to your phone and you can also copy and embed the code to the ringtone into your respective social media forums to share with others. It’s ringtone madness!





I’ve got to say, after playing around on it really brought back some old school ringtone memories and I kind of want to make a few to send to my phone. You know, like, “Finally it has happened to me, right in front of my face and I just cannot hide it.” I wouldn’t mind answering the phone to such an awesome ’90s dance hit. If you fancy yourself a ringtone master, definitely check the site out and start making the hits.


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