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The Business Automation Success Kit (Sneak Peak)

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KillerStartups is excited to present this sneak peak of the “Business Automation Success Kit,” a new ebook from the folks at ONTRAPORT


Do you feel as if you’re working harder and harder IN your business? Are you putting in nights and weekends and jolting awake (when you do get to sleep) with anxiety because you’re not following up with your leads and clients? Is your desk covered in to-do lists and sticky notes, yet you still feel totally disorganized?


We want to share this secret with you: it’s not about working harder IN your business. It’s about working harder ON your business.


ontraport office


Rather than waking up with late-night sweats, build systems in your business designed to do the work for you.


Sounds pretty good, right? Better still is the fact that you can set these systems up in your business today to make MORE money in less time.


Here are three easy-to-use systems to put in your business today:

Easy System #1 – Marketing

Putting a marketing system in place will save you from manually gathering a list of contacts then following up at random with them, which inevitably lets some slip through the cracks. You can also build marketing funnels based on each lead’s awareness of his/her problem and send tailored responses based on which funnel he/she falls into.


Easy System #2 – Sales

Typically if someone comes across your business and you don’t have a sales system in place, you’re relying on the prospect to remember you amongst a sea of businesses. In their busy world it’s nearly impossible.


The point of building out a sales or nurture system is to educate your prospect and to remind your customers you’re there to help them out when they need you. It’s designed to encourage your prospect to buy/convert.


Doing this manually can be very hard work. It’s time consuming, can become irregular, and is downright inefficient. Having a tool like ONTRAPORT at your disposal makes automating this process easy.


Easy System #3 – Fulfillment

Fulfillment systems allow you to deliver your product in an efficient, effective, consistent way. It can even be easy.


When you replace manual fulfillment systems with automatic ones, you can spend more time providing value to your clients.



Want More? Get The Full eBook For Free

Most businesses aren’t running as smoothly as they should. See how you can boost efficiency in your business by downloading the full Business Automation eBook from ONTRAPORT now. Click here or on the image below to start your free download.


Business Automation Success Kit



Content courtesy of ONTRAPORT, a marketing automation tool for small businesses around the world. See how thousands of small business owners and entrepreneurs have super-charged their businesses with ONTRAPORT!


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