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CraigsHelper.comAre you interested in searching for something in your city Craiglist? Do you want to ease this process? provides a search engine you can use to look for the product you want in any Craiglist classifieds. Besides, you can use this tool to look for eBay and Amazon results, as well.

You just have to write down your zip code and what you are looking for to use the Craig’s Helper. Then, you can choose from several categories, including jobs, sale/wanted and services, as well as some sub-categories depending on the category you have selected. In that way, on you will see all the ads for the product or service you are looking for in different areas.

Are you looking for a job in San Diego? Would you like to buy a bike in Houston? could be a good option for you. On this site you can search for a product on your city Craiglist classifieds. In Their Own Words

What it is?

Why It Might Be A Killer

Craigslist is used by more than 15 million people each month, and any offshoots are bound to receive a fair share of that traffic.

Some Questions About

Why is the traffic to this site so minimal? Are they going to integrate this site into the individual Craigslists all over the world? Is this site being funded by the profits of Craigslist or does it hope to generate its own profit?

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