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Personal Safety App Covert Alert Helps Keep You Safe In Emergencies – Hands-Free

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Safety is a major concern for a lot of people, and there are a lot of apps and other tech out there to address the issue. Most of the available ones are manually activated though, and in emergencies it’s generally impractical to have to use of your hands to activate your emergency device. Enter the first hands-free, voice-activated personal safety app: Covert Alert.

Connected and protected is Covert Alert’s trademarked logo, and it seems apt. The mobile app is designed to assist its users in all emergency situations. It allows users to speak three key words which the user has preset to activate the most advanced emergency system on the market today, without anyone knowing. Preset contacts are notified of your situation as well as local authorities including 911.

Currently marketed to universities & students, real estate agents, and parents, it’s potentially useful for anyone who is concerned about their safety when walking home, taking a cab, or otherwise going about normal daily activities.

How It Works


  1. Choose your contacts – Select up to five contacts from your address book to associate with Covert Alert. These people will receive alerts, along with 911, if you are in an emergency situation.
  2. Create covert messages – You can create custom messages for just about any situation. The text you set will be sent to the contacts you associate with it.
  3. Create a trigger phrase – Choose a trigger phrase consisting of three words/numbers or more and associate it with a message. Then, whenever you speak that phrase while “Protection Mode” is activated, it will trigger sending that message.

Using the App in an Emergency

Triggering an emergency alert using the Covert Alert app is fast, simple, and reliable.

  1. Log in to the Covert Alert app.
  2. Activate “Protection Mode” by saying “Protect Me Now.” You can also press the “Protect Me Now” button on the main screen.
  3. While “Protection Mode” is activated, say your keywords to trigger the emergency alert or covert text message of your choice.


Always listening: When activated, Covert Alert is listening for a situation where you need help – i.e., when you say those three key words.

Hands-free security: In an emergency situation, every second counts, and your hands might not always be free. With Covert Alert, you’re silently protected, keeping any predator unaware that you have summoned help.

Get help where and when you need it most: When you trigger an emergency alert, your previously selected contacts will receive a message providing your location and describing your situation in real time.

Protect yourself by recording any sensitive situations that may impact your well-being: By activating this feature, you have secretly documented the audio of whatever is happening for later reference.


If you want to take control of your safety, the Covert Alert App is available for free for Apple devices through the Apple Store.


Covert Alert

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