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In order to properly treat medical conditions and diseases, doctors and scientists need to be able to gather as much information as possible, from the very large to the very small. is the website of a company dedicated to visualizing the smallest units of the body – the interiors and components that make up the cells and other structures we rely upon for life.


API, or Applied Precision, Inc., is on the cutting edge of imaging technology. Their DeltaVision OMX system uses multiple laser options to provide what they call ‘Super-Resolution Imaging’ – the ability to see very small structures within a live cell, and observe the details of their functioning. It comes with a full range of accessories including specimen holders and an on-stage heater to ensure that samples are protected and kept in top condition for observation. The DeltaVision system is scalable and can be customized for an individual lab’s needs. contains a remarkable selection of images taken through the DeltaVision system, allowing potential buyers to see the amount of detail delivered by this imaging device.

Another system featured on is the DV Elite, which is designed to look at more samples over a shorter amount of time than any other competitive system. It is a lower-cost version of the OMX unit. Visitors to may see a variety of applications for this equipment, read about upcoming news and events, and current owners of API equipment may find help in their support section. API is owned by GE Healthcare.

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Author : Siri Marshall

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