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With a very easy to understand design, goes above and beyond other corporate homepages as it describes its company’s past and future. In addition to providing the current stock value for the corporation, Apachecorp also explains the history of how it discovered natural gas and oil resources.


There is a section for Apachecorp’s mission and values, dedicated to explaining what Apachecorp stands for and what specific characteristics they value in the corporate world. Apachecorp lists where they operate in the world, and what those locations contribute to the company.

Sustainability is important to many corporations in the oil and gas field, and has a very extensive plan that is outlined in their sustainability section. Here, the environment is discussed, along with the health and safety of its workers, and how Apachecorp works with the local communities in building relations with the corporation. A letter from the CEO is also offered regarding their very extensive sustainability programs. offers a news index, where users can find the entire history of press releases, corporate reports, and publications from the public relations office. Apache logos are also present on this page, where web users can download them for their own personal use. The publications that are available on this news site include the employee magazine, the most recent sustainability review of the corporation, and fact sheets for those who may need the most up to date information on file. For those looking to become employed, there is also a dedicated site to careers.

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Author : Pat Gregson

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