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Just as angels are said to provide protection and blessings for people, so does provide the same for businesses, giving the advantage of improved customer satisfaction to companies around the world. Angel is a subsidiary of MicroStrategy, one of the world’s leading providers of customer engagement solutions. They are a preferred provider of call center service solutions.


Those seeking better and faster ways to create customer loyalty through enhanced communications systems can find many different options on Their Customer Experience Platform is their core product, connecting businesses with current and potential buyers through telephony, email and the World Wide Web. It is the point of contact, mediating all relationships between your staff and those who wish to get in touch with you.

With the Customer Experience Platform in place, users of Angel products can further enhance their systems with a variety of plug-in modules to provide near-instant analysis of data and its distribution to management and sales personnel. Payments may be taken securely over the phone or online, and also features a comprehensive solution for mobile users, with downloadable apps that not only provide a full-featured experience for the user, but also gathers valuable data for later analysis. A full suite of development tools can also be found on so that your in-house staff can create customized products to suit your particular needs. has many resources for current and potential users of their system, providing case studies, system design tips and details on the best practices needed to create and operate a call center utilizing their products.

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Author : Bill Webb

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