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With over 675,000 members, attracts new users on a daily basis. Once members sign up on the site for free, they can post an introduction about themselves so they can get to know the other members. In addition to this, there is a lounge area where members can talk about things other than Androids, including TV and music. There are also classifieds that allow people to buy, sell and trade their Android and non-Android devices. also has a variety of different discussion topics about technology and different devices. The lounge area is a basic discussion and question spot where users can find out more about different Android technology. There is an application area that provides information about testing, reviews and new releases for phones and tablets as well. Android Forums online also has a media spot where people can find videos, television apps, audio and ringtones to download. The themes section has information about how to customize the look of phones with different wallpapers and other downloads.

Another reason so many people use is because it has individual sections for all of the different phones and devices that are available. People can easily talk about how to use these, how to make them better, tweaks that can be done and much more. Social groups can be made on for users that visit the site frequently. This makes it easy for people to make friends so they can discuss all different topics. There are also different sections for the service providers, which reduces the time it takes to find specific information.

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Author : Jason Taylor

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