search cancel – is Great for When You Need Technology Purchasing Advice is a good location to go to find up to date information on the latest technology products. Whether it’s CPUs, motherboards, HDDs, Monitors or any other piece of electronics, has in depth reviews for your perusal. They have lots of hands on experience and can greatly assist in making a purchasing decision.


In addition to product reviews, contains guides to help customers make informed buying decisions. For example, they have guides that explain which is the best laptop currently available and how to go about purchasing a budget PC. They’ve taken most of the guess work out of the usually confusing process of buy a piece of cutting-edge technology.

Another worthwhile feature of Anandtech is their head to head comparison of products. If you’re on the fence about whether to go with the AMD Opteron CPU or to opt for the Intel Xenon, then Anandtech can succinctly explain their pros and cons. These comparison can be extremely useful when, at face value, two products seem to be very similar in features and price.

If Anandtech’s large supply of product reviews and comparisons don’t give you exactly what you’re looking for, their forums can be just the place to go. There are thousands of thread and millions of posts that can be searched for additional details on relevant products. And if that doesn’t solve your purchasing you can sign up for their forums and post a new topic. The hundreds of experts and regular consumers that use will be able to give you sound advice on where to spend your hard earned money.

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Author : Siri Marshall

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