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Conversational AI Agents Boost Customer Satisfaction in Turbulent Times

Among the many disruptions brought on by the COVID-19 pandemic and the subsequent e-commerce boom is a massively increased consumer demand for customer support related to everything from FAQ answers to order tracking. Businesses have faced significant pressure to pivot their operations in real time to maintain customer satisfaction and engagement in an online world, and many are turning to AI-enabled virtual agents to help them stay ahead of these new challenges.

One startup, Replikr Digital Humans, is helping businesses embrace these challenges with virtual agents of their own that leverage human centered artificial intelligence™ to create new touchpoints and opportunities to engage with customers via natural, empathic conversations over SMS, online chat, email, phone, social media and digital humans. And the results are promising: their conversational AI has delivered a 4x increase in customer-facing employee productivity, a 20% increase in customer satisfaction, a 50% reduction in cost-to-serve and a 15% increase in customer acquisition.

Not only is Replikr helping businesses manage increased demand for online support, but they are taking the AI-enabled virtual agent to new heights with carefully-designed, emotionally responsive digital humans equipped with advanced Natural Language Processing (NLP) to enable meaningful conversations with customers on everything from technical support to online booking. Their agents act as an authentic extension of a business or brand, with the ability to determine when to search a knowledge base for an answer, inquire for further clarity or direct users to a person. They can even recognize a user’s emotions and build an emotional connection with them to provide better support.

Replikr powers its digital human conversations with IBM’s world-leading Watson AI. Their technology leverages a deep learning technique called Generative AI that enables computers to learn patterns from data inputs and then generate new and valuable content from them. As a result, each of Replikr’s digital humans are trained in a company’s unique brand personality and integrated into their existing systems. Depending on a business’s unique needs, Replikr’s generative AI can create emotionally responsive avatars as simple as animated characters to truly realistic digital humans.

Using refined AI, machine learning and deep learning techniques, Replikr’s approach offers a host of benefits including:

  • Highly responsive and engaging online customer support.
  • Intelligent personification of a business or brand’s user experience.
  • Consistent, accurate, 24/7 communication of information. 
  • Massive scalability with reduced cost-to-serve by 50% or more.
  • Easy integration with business systems and knowledge base.
  • Support translated into over 40 languages.

Replikr’s vision for conversational AI extends beyond consumer support, with eyes on applications across the healthcare and pharmaceutical industries as well. Such use cases include lifestyle and wellness coaching and education, technical product information, appointment booking, insurance coverage and claims assistance, team training and management simulations, and much more.

Ready for more? Founded in 2020 and 100% New Zealand owned, Replikr is harnessing AI-powered Natural Language Processing to enable smarter interactions between organizations and their audiences. Visit them at to learn more and get in touch.

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