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Jabbster.comTwitter is great, but some aspects of the concept itself are not that appealing for some. That is, they like the basic premise of posting short updates, but they do not want to share absolutely everything with everybody all the time.


That is why some private micro-blogging platforms have been released ever since the concept of micro-sharing gained some notoriety.

Jabbster is one such service. It enables any real life group to congregate online and share micro-messages that can be accompanied by pictures in order to let everybody have a more realized time. Moreover, pictures can help everybody contextualize any discussion. Other features that merit mentioning include the ability to employ an online calendar and arrange both trips and events through it.

We might say that services like this one are a sort of mini-dimension within a dimension of its own. My question is: will these services seize up the ones who are not into tweeting, or just appeal to those who are already Tweeple, and who are looking into alternative channels in order to supplement the micro sharing experience? What do you think? In Their Own Words

“Every real-life social group deserves free online space to interact and share, too. Jabbster is a private meeting place for you to connect and share your life with only the people you want. You choose who get’s to see what. It’s really simple, too.”

Why It Might Be A Killer

Micro-blogging as we know it (IE, Twitter) can be too wide and unbridled for some people, and it is only natural that alternative (and more streamlined) solutions will emerge.

Some Questions About

How do you create a group? What steps must you comply with in order to get started?


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