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Flippid.comFlippid is a site that helps people find whatever product they are looking for by connecting buyers with sellers. When you post something you want on Flippid–say, an Xbox, for example–you are creating a “buyoff.


” You give details about what you’re looking for, including some tags to help categorize it, the maximum price you want to pay, the maximum shipping cost you want to pay, and how long you want it to last. Flippid makes it easy to acquire what you need. They will help you find a picture of what you’re looking for. Sellers (retailers or anybody, really) then see your BuyOff and can offer to sell you what you’re looking for. When they do, Flippid will send you an email to keep you up to date. In Their Own Words

First things first, we’re all about empowering you – the person who’s out there looking for the thing you want to buy. It’s a tough world out there; there are tons of online stores and marketplace-sellers out there, all looking to gain your sale. Why not post your wants and let them bid for your business? Did we mention that it’s free? Yes – free.

Why It Might Be A Killer

This is a great alternative to eBay or online classifieds. It is much more specific and helpful. Also, it’s free.

Some Questions About

Does the site have a clear revenue sharing model, or is this going to come into place once its out of beta mode?


Author : Bruce Turner

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