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ePhoneNumbers.netePhoneNumbers is the first and only service that allows consumers, businesses and marketing agencies to choose specific memorable, brandable phone numbers that they can in turn use with any phone service. The company provides customers with thousands of choices listed on their website, and there are millions of phone numbers across the US for customers to choose from.


Once a customer selects his ideal number, that number can be ported to any phone service from cell carriers, home phone carriers, business carriers and VoIP providers, eliminating the need for customers to settle for just any random phone number assigned to them by the phone company.

One of the most popular services so far is the “Special Request” feature that allows customers to submit a request for any specific vanity phone number, and then the ePhoneNumbers team will search across the existing suppliers to locate the exact number they are seeking.

Moreover, ePhoneNumbers is committed to the community through the ePhoneNumbers Gives Back Commitment program. The program donates 10 percent of its pre-tax gross profits to one of five charitable organizations, chosen by customers every quarter. Throughout the year, charities and customers can nominate organizations to be included in future awards. In Their Own Words

“ePhoneNumbers is the only place where you can choose your phone number from the thousands of numbers we have in stock or from over 500 thousand numbers we have available to us. Once you choose your phone number, you can then have it ported to any new or existing phone service to replace your current phone number.”

Why It Might Be A Killer

The phone companies these days provide customer with little to no choice when it comes to selecting a new phone numbers, leaving the customer often unhappy with the number they are forced to accept. That is the whole basis for this company. Consumers have the right to choose just about everything these days from their phone carrier, to the restaurant they are going to eat at. Why not their phone numbers?

Some Questions About

How will this company evolve from now on? What new services are forthcoming?


Author : Charly Zaks

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