search cancel – Video Chat Rooms And Webcams Chat lives up to its name, as it’s a site where you can have a good chat or two at no cost whatsoever, and in a really easy way at that, as you’re not asked to download or install anything to get started. This turns the site into one to keep in mind for these times in which you’re all to yourself, and you really feel like meeting someone in a fast and direct way. Just point your browser to, select the kind of chat you’d like to start (both one-to-one webcam chats and group video chats are supported) and that’ll be it.


And not only is a 100% web-based platform, the site is actually one that you can use without needing to create an account first. That’s right, these chat rooms need no registration. You can join one (or create your own) just by specifying who you want to chat with. The site lets you meet both singles and couples, and talk to them using your browser.

And if you don’t want to use live video (or if you don’t have a camera) then you can still have a good old-fashioned text-based chat. Useful for those who are a bit shy, and prefer to take things gradually. Again – there’s nothing to download, nothing to pay and just no kind of virtual bureaucracy to endure.


Author : Sebastian Thompson

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