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ChatBounce.comChatBounce is a platform akin to ChatRoulette in the sense that it enables anybody to meet other people using his or her webcam. Yet, there is a difference and it is not a slight or minor one: people can exchange real cash in the form of tips.


That is, if you come across someone who makes you laugh and you want to show him/her your appreciation then you can click on a button that reads “Tip” and have money deposited into that user’s Tip Jar.

These tips are handled via the web commerce company PayPal, and users can withdraw their Tip Jar cash to their bank accounts whenever they want. (The company keeps a 45% commission on tips withdrawn from ChatBounce.)

Personally, I find this site very interesting. It redefines the way on which interactions within ChatRouelette are constituted, and it can radically modify the way people approach it. And guys as popular as Merton the impromptu piano player can but love it – after all, if it has even a modicum of success they are liable to amass a small fortune. In Their Own Words

“Tip this user.”

Why It Might Be A Killer

ChatRoulette is still as popular as it was the week it was released. This service gives the whole shebang a new twist, and one that can modify the way people approach the concept for good.

Some Questions About

How big can this become? How long can that take?


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