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Although they are primarily based out of Texas, Altex has a massive inventory of over 7,000 products online for shoppers to browse and buy. For those who rather have a traditional catalog to view, they provide a printable PDF format inventory list. This company has been in business since 1980. This is a solid, established track record for any online vendor, which is surely welcome to all online shoppers who are weary of companies they are not familiar with. sells every conceivable computer component in their web store. This includes monitors, cords and cables, hard disks and disc drives, portable media, office furniture, audio/video equipment, stereo systems and digital cameras. They also have an entire department dedicated to security related issues.

Altex has made it convenient for the potential customer to discover each part of their store. The site features an integrated ‘wish list’ for each item that allows someone to make a categorized summary of everything that they may be needing or wanting to buy in the near future.

What makes Altex unique is that they build and sell their own custom equipment. This gives Altex’s customers tremendous value when shopping for a powerful, custom system for individualized needs. offers customized support for all products that they sell and makes it easy for anyone to contact them during normal business hours. They also provide services to the education community and help make low-cost electronics accessible to school districts in need.

For those who can’t visit the site regularly, Altex provides an option for customers to sign up for an email-delivered newsletter that lets those interested know immediately when a service or product becomes available.

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Author : Caroline Bright

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