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Noreast Media Corporation is the owner of several fishing websites, among that collection is The sites’ main purpose is to allow sport fisherman of all classes to post stories, recaps of contests and photos. The website homepage is updated about once per week to reflect the latest catch stories and successes that members post. Among the pages of visitors will find the main fishing board where general fishing discussions and posts are made. Currently there are over 110,000 posts, many of which are very long and detailed giving the reader a feeling that they are viewing an engaging magazine article. An entire section of is comprised of information about the Marine Life Protection Act (MLPA) and its impact on the sport fishing industry. For off topic discussion there is an “angler’s lounge” that allows any topic, knowing that the discussion is happening primarily among fishermen. The pages offer visitors a wealth of information about long range fishing reports, public and private boat reports. Report coverage is given to both saltwater and freshwater conditions.


There is an entire section for anglers to buy, sell and trade their supplies and boats. With over 30 separate discussion boards, and over 500,000 searchable posts, there is a vast amount of fishermen’s knowledge and experience available for all visitors. In addition to the discussion boards, there are five sport fishing captains that share their knowledge with online blogs. For the angler that just wants to post a photo of their catch, they are free to post photos and join the gallery that currently hosts over 20,000 images. There are also sections for videos, local weather, and tide charts.

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Author : Charly Zaks

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