How to submit? – Finding The Best Color Combinations

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Coloreminder.comSometimes the easiest tasks are the ones that end up taking more time. Maybe it is the fact that we approach them with too much confidence, maybe we simply take them for granted.

What ends up happening is that we end spending three times longer than we expected on something that we thought would be akin to hitting cruise control, sitting back and relaxing.

This happens to just anybody, and designers are no exception to the rule. Sometimes, a task as simple as choosing the right color combination to employ on an assignment can turn into an unexpected expenditure of time. That is what the site under review right now aims to prevent from happening.

It is entitled Color Reminder, and it will empower any designer to arrive at the most convenient combination of colors for any assignment that involves multiple areas. This is done by selecting one color from the provided list and then being presented with its every variation, and also with other alternative color options. It is even possible to have the colors inverted and apply greyscales, so that your chances of getting a good combination through this site are exponentially increased. In Their Own Words

“Coloreminder is a web tool, that helps designer, webmasters… to find colors easily and inspiration. The color variation is very useful when you need to create a web page, design with differents areas. You can select a color into the list or enter the color you need (color picker)… Just generate the result to get many variations, or others colors options (invert, greyscale…)”

Why It Might Be A Killer

The site makes it easy for people who have to tackle design tasks regularly to get them going even when they feel uninspired.

Some Questions About

Who else could benefit from this site besides designers?

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