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Coketag.comCokeTag is a new Facebook widget for sharing links developed by none other than Coca-Cola. Basically, CokeTag allows you to make a customizable widget including links from anywhere and share it with your friends.

To start using CokeTag, download it to your Facebook profile and then start creating. First, you’ll be asked to provide a category for your CokeTag. Next, simply cut and paste the links that you’d like to include, and presto, you now have your very own widget that you can share with others. The CokeTag is branded with the Coca-Cola logo but you can use it however you wish to share your favorite sites or your knowledge with all of your Facebook friends. In Their Own Words

“A CokeTag is a fun, personal widget for packaging and sharing links to content across the Web. Use CokeTags to promote yourself — your blog, work, interests, team, band or whatever you like or care about — and then track how influential you are!”

Why It Might Be A Killer

Instead of just buying advertising space, Coca-Cola has developed a cool and useful widget that people will use because it is a handy tool. This is one of the more intelligent advertising campaigns by arguably the world’s most successful advertiser.

Some Questions About

Will this spur other big brands to follow a similar advertising strategy or has Coca-Cola’s first to market effort ensured that this specific type of advertising will be dominated by Coca-Cola? Hopefully, it will help to stir some creative juices and demonstrate that advertising can also be useful.

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