Cognota Lets You Track Learning Investments

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In Corporate Learning and Development (L&D), where an annual spend of $320 billion is allocated, a critical challenge persists — demonstrating a clear Return on Investment (ROI). The hindrance arises from the prevalent use of 3-8 disparate IT tools within L&D teams, leading to inefficiencies and data silos. Enter Cognota, an enterprise software startup headquartered in Toronto, founded in 2019 by Ryan Austin. Cognota seeks to address the industry’s inefficiencies, ensuring that organizations can effectively track, measure, and report on learning investments.

This fragmented approach obstructs the ability to quantify the impact of L&D initiatives, making it difficult for organizations to make informed decisions regarding resource allocation and strategic improvements in their learning programs. Cognota’s mission is to tackle this issue head-on, aligning L&D efforts with organizational goals, maximizing the value of investments, and driving continuous improvement in employee development and performance.

Cognota’s Journey and Current Status

Cognota has rapidly evolved into a thriving enterprise, boasting an annual recurring revenue (ARR) exceeding $10 million. Recent success in securing a Series A funding round underscores the company’s trajectory towards industry leadership. With dedicated teams spanning Toronto, Vancouver, and Mexico, Cognota is making significant strides in pioneering the emerging LearnOps category. The company’s commitment to revolutionizing how organizations approach learning operations is evident in its growth and leadership position, ultimately driving positive outcomes for the entire industry.

Inspiring Origins and Leadership

The story of Cognota is inseparable from the entrepreneurial journey of its founder and CEO, Ryan Austin. Starting with his venture into corporate learning and development at the World Trade Group and the creation of WTG Training in the Americas, Austin’s passion for transforming institutional knowledge into effective learning programs has been unwavering. His journey continued with ExpertKnowledge, where he collaborated with industry experts to address challenges in instructional design, laying the foundation for Cognota’s innovative approach to LearnOps.

An Exemplar: HubSpot

Cognota finds inspiration in HubSpot, a global leader in marketing and sales solutions, for several compelling reasons. HubSpot’s innovative category-creating solutions, scalability and growth trajectory, expertise in content and inbound strategy, and the emphasis on community building align with Cognota’s aspirations and approach to LearnOps. HubSpot’s success story serves as a model for Cognota as it navigates its own journey of growth and excellence in the tech and marketing space.

Future Vision: Leading the LearnOps Revolution

Cognota envisions itself as the leading software solution powering LearnOps for enterprises worldwide within the next four years. The goal is not only to transform traditional L&D approaches but also to position learning functions as strategic catalysts for business growth. Cognota’s expertise in learning and development aims to empower organizations to maximize their potential, stay ahead in the competitive landscape, and usher in a new era of effective corporate learning. With a focus on innovation, community building, and scalability, Cognota is poised to shape the future of LearnOps and redefine the success metrics for corporate learning initiatives globally.


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