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Your Email Marketing Campaign Isn’t Working. Bring In The Experts – CLVboost

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Email marketing is one of those things that I feel like I’m constantly googling and still never getting right. Like SEO and a really kickass social media strategy, it’s something that everyone thinks, “Yeah, I can totally do that!” but in reality most of us are failing big time.


That’s why, if you really want to have a robust email marketing campaign, it’s important to bring in experts like CLVboost. They’re a boutique marketing automation and strategic email consultancy based out of Cambridge, Massachusetts, that has proven results for increasing customer lifetime value (CLV – get it?)… Unlike you.



But do I really need them?

Yes, you do. CLVboost has helped ecommerce companies gain more customers and bring them back as repeats, helped sales teams get more appointments and bring back repeat customers, and helped app and software compares convert and retain more customers by keeping them engaged.


They’ve worked with businesses that range from a crowdfunding consultancy to a self-defense academy to an information marketing company to ecommerce in order to increase their business. They’re the dudes who know what they’re doing, no matter what kind of business you bring them.


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For those of you who already have a email marketing plan in place, CLVboost offers the chance to improve your core business metrics. Like I said before, even if you think your email marketing campaign is going great, it could almost definitely be better and that’s where the experts come in.


And they have an expert team.

Founder Daniel Faggella is an email marketing pro who started his first business while still in college. A serial entrepreneur himself, Dan is driven by a desire to help other startups and small businesses succeed by increasing their Customer Lifetime Value.




He’s joined by copywriter (with an economics degree) Tim Reiss, who focuses on getting into the buyer’s mind but, no, he’s not a psychic. At CLVboost, he takes care of pay-per-click advertising and conversion rate testing. He also helps clients make sure that they’re communicating everything clearly to their clients, another job that’s much harder than you’d think at first.


So if you’re tired of banging your head against your desk  in frustration over your lackluster email marketing campaign results (it’s really not good for you, you know) or you just want a little help from the experts, it’s time to get Dan and Tim on your side. Head on over to and download their free white paper “Profit Per Prospect” to get started today.


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